Village Green 2015

Village Green 2015

Village Green 2015

One afternoon two young people strolled down the farm lane and knocked on the door. They had gotten my name and directions to my home from the super nice lady at the post office. They were inquiring as to whom they might speak with about getting permission to take pictures of the quaint, picturesque church in our village. My name was the first that came to mind, as we had no regular church services any more, and my family had been associated with the church for a long while.

Long and the short of it, this pair were graduates of film studies in Toronto, and were making a mini series about a small town struggling to make ends meet and came up with the bright idea to grow pot as a cash crop. Most of the filming was done at a farm further south on McLaughlin. Not only did they get pictures of the exterior church, they also soon had a good number of local residents cast as extras and non-speaking rolls in the series. Some scenes were filmed in the sanctuary, the Inglewood church, the old Woollen Mill building (now the Fitness Mill on maple Ave.) and our big bank barn. Owen even tossed a hen out the door in a scene where the policeman kicks the door open. This made for a very authentic reaction from the actor who wasn’t expecting it!

The film crew and cast used our BarnOne studio for a number of days as their headquarters, and I tell you it was so entertaining for us to watch and listen to their comments off camera about chickens and horses, and composting toilets, of which many had never seen in real life.

A year later, the directors brought the finished film back to town and we set up a big screen in the utility barn and invited everyone from town who participated to bring their families and folding chairs to watch a private preview.

If memory serves me correctly I would guess we had maybe 30 people attend. Although it wasn’t a truly memorable tale, it did make it to this list of things we have hosted in the recent past.

You can watch the trailer on YouTube:




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